Our commitment to you

We are committed to fulfil the vision!

The vision of CEF is “every child, every nation, every day”. Every gift that we receive will be used to fulfil this vision.

We are committed to acknowledge the donor’s gift!

Every gift given to CEF will be acknowledged in a timely way. Ministry partners should have the freedom to ask why, if they do not hear from us.

We are committed to give donors access to information!

We understand that they want to know where the needs are and how their gift can be best used. CEF will provide information that enables donors to make good decisions regarding their giving to God.

We are committed to give honest answers!

We want our donors to ask any questions that they have regarding financial support and we will ensure that they receive a prompt and honest answer.

We are committed to integrity!

Each gift will be used for the purpose that it was given. If the project no longer needs support, information will be provided about this.

We are committed to excellence!

We believe that the ministry of evangelising children deserves our best. We are committed to all that we can for the glory of God and for the evangelism of children.