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A special treat at Christmas time – with Laurentiu & Anca


Looking around, we see that people have many reasons to ``celebrate`` at Christmas time.

We have an excellent Gospel booklet called, “The greatest celebration” for children to read, which will help them learn more about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we look around us, we see that people prepare to celebrate Christmas, but they completely forget about the birth of the Son of God. Our desire this year is to distribute 1,000 of these booklets, together with other Gospel materials. We pray that they will be received, read and that the birth of the Lord Jesus will be celebrated… and many will trust in Him for eternal life.

As well as the literature distributed, we would like to make up 100 gifts for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

We also need to get our car ready for winter – we need winter tyes so that we can travel to all the locations with the Gospel message. We have include this cost in the project too.

May God enable this project to happen and may many children hear about the wonderful news of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ – the one who can save them too!

May God both bless you and make you a blessing!

Laurentiu & Anca Loghin

*This is a CEF approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.