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An opportunity awaits!


Often we hear the cry –

– no one truly understands the true message of Christmas! Why do we spend time on other things and not remember the true “reason for the season”?

And yet for some reason whether celebrated as we would like, or not, the truth remains. At Christmas Time, there is opportunity. God given opportunity. An opportunity to share that “When the fullness of time had come… God sent forth His Son.” What a wonderful truth! What a wonderful mystery!

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We asked the children!

This year, we want to use the opportunity that have to take the Gospel message. We want children to know that God did what He promised by sending the Lord Jesus Christ. This year we will be teaching children all around Romania that “The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the World.”

So what do we plan to do?

We are providing a special lesson (The Christmas Picture) and resource pack (with invitations, activities, quiz idea, memory verse etc), Gospel booklets, devotional books and prizes. This special pack of materials will be given free of charge to every individual who commits to hold 3 Christmas Clubs. Each pack costs €14 and we are planning to distribute 100 such packs.

By giving to this project, you will be putting materials into the hands of teachers who are ready to go. By giving, you will send the message that the volunteer teachers are not alone but someone believes in them and wants to help them use Christmas to take the Gospel!

Thank you for considering this project and for praying that this Christmas 40,000 children will hear the Gospel through Christmas Clubs.

Oh yes, we know that the Christmas message is just part of the picture. The story continues. But Christmas certainly gives us the opportunity we need to get started!

God bless you!

CEF Romania