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Are you sharing your faith with others? (Cosmin & Tatiana)


Are you sharing your faith?

“Since I became a follower of God I met many Christians, and do you know what I noticed? The Christians do not share about their faith with others, like you did when I was a child. They talk more about other things and so little about God,” this is what Alina told us when she visited us in December.

We were so happy to be visited by Alina and other young people who in their childhood used to come to our Good News Clubs and Junior Youth Challenge Clubs and are now part of the Body of Christ. It is so special to see how God worked in the lives of the children we shared the Gospel with, since we moved to Buzau county.

We want to continue to tell others the truth about God in the GNCs and JYCs and during the following months we will also share with others who do training courses, from our own experience in the ministry, and our hope is that as a result of these online courses many more children would hear about our Lord Jesus who can save them.


In order to share we need support. We estimated that for the covering of travel expenses, car expenses, and other work related expenses, we would need 1 146 euros.

Wheather you chose to pray or to give for this project, you will be part of our work of sharing the Good News to others. Thank you!

Cosmin and Tatiana Brezoaie

CEF workers – county Buzău

*This is a CEF approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.