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Camp – 2019 (country Timis)


The Good News Club children can’t wait for the summer to come...

The Good News Club children can’t wait for the summer to come, because they know that in the summer time they go on camp. Right from the beginning of a new GNC year, in September, they start having questions about the following camp: where it will be, how much it will cost, what they will learn, if a certain leader or child will come…. Their enthusiasm is real and we are glad to see it.

The Lord blesses ...

The Lord blesses the time in the camp and also the teaching from His Word. In the camp the children experience a Christian atmosphere and it comes easy for them to think about their Creator, about their life, to pray before the meals or in other parts of the day and to read their Bible.

Timis proiect tabara

Rafi told us, with a smile on his face: I never read so much from the Bible. I don’t read the Bible at home at all, just when I am at the GNC.

When we planned the camps for this summer, we were very confident that God will provide for the the children who can’t afford to pay to go on camp. Many children, who come to the GNCs, come from poor families. Some children can pay the entire amount, others only part of it and others, mostly those who come from bigger families, can’t afford to pay anything.

This project is for them and we trust that God will provide. From what we know about the children and their situation, we estimate a need of €2 283 so that 30 children could go to camp this summer.

In the video below, you can see a few clips from last year’s camps.

Would you like to send one child on camp?

  • Pray so that the entire amount would be gathered in time
  • Give so that 100% would be reached
  • Send this project to someone you know would like to send a child to camp.

God will provide this year for the camp needs. Maybe He will provide through you!

For His Kingdom,

Ionut and Magalina Mateescu

This is a CEF Romania approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.