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Can children be saved? (Beni & Cristina)


Can children be saved?

In January God helped us reopen a Good News Club, after many years when the work within that GNC was interrupted. The children who attend this GNC live in a block of flats just opposite our church. This block of flats is in a very bad state and the people call it the phantom block. Our first meetings were only attended by few children, and as we were waiting for more to come, one boy asked: Can children be saved too? I have to admit I was not expecting to be asked this question so quickly, during our first meetings. It was not the best time to share the way to Salvation with him, as the children continued to arrive to our Club and were noisy. So, I chose to say in a few words that yes, children can be saved, they can be sorry for their sins and come with an honest heart before God and ask for forgiveness.

Children are eager ...

Children are eager to find out about the importance of being saved, about Jesus who can forgive their sins and give them eternal life, if they are sorry for the bad things they did against God.

More than 40 children attend our Club on a weekly basis and we can tell them the way of Salvation through Jesus Christ. Would you like to be part of this wonderful ministry? Help us continue to do what God called us to.

The name of this GNC is The Friendship GNC. May many of these children truly turn from their sins and come into a true relationship with the Lord.

May God bless you!

Beni and Cristina Costea


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