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Car Project – Leonte


Can you imagine how people lived 2,500 years ago?

There were no planes, no cars, trains or motorcycles. Back then it was more difficult to travel and the news did not spread as fast as nowadays either. Recently I taught the children about Neemiah and how it took him 3 months to walk the 1,100 kilometres from Susa to Jerusalim. Today we are thankful to God that we have cars. In this way we can get much faster to where we want to go, we can get to the GNCs that are in county Iasi, in less than an hour. The trip from Iasi to Sibiu is 8 hours long and maybe in the near future, if the motorway will be built, it will be much less than that.

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In the past months ...

In the past months, our own car that we also use in the ministry, broke down a few times. Once on my way from Iasi to Sibiu, and it had to be towed back to Iasi. It was good that it happened at eight in the evening and I could still find someone to help me. Had it happened in the middle of the night, it would have been more difficult to find help. The car is from 2003 and has 360,140 km on it.

As we are beginning to fulfill new responsibilites in CEF, we are praying for a newer car which would help us, as we expect to travel more. Every year we travel a lot of miles in order to go to the GNCs, to visit different local areas and to participate in the evangelistic projects, workers’ meetings and CEF conferences.

We believe our prayer is according to God’s will, this is why we are sharing this project with you.

Thank you for the support you will give us in prayer and financially. Thank you for being part of the ministry that God called us to do.

May God bless you!

Daniel and Carmen Leonte

Assistents to National Director – CEF Romania