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God stopped the sun and moon in answer to his prayer ...

As we read of the men and women used of God in the Bible, we often are amazed at their faith when they needed to ask God for something. I think of Joshua – God answered his prayer and made the sun and moon stand still. Moses wanted to see God’s glory. And there are so many other examples.

Our prayers over the last years were:

  • the Salvation of children – and we have seen God answer;
  • volunteers – today there are other believers who are involved in ministry;
  • finances – the children’s ministry did not lack what it needed;
  • protection, wisdom, leading and much more…
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This continues to be our prayer. However, we have added a new ministry car to our prayer list.

Our own car that we use for the ministry is too old to be used for the ministry for much longer. As we think of developing the ministry to children in our county – travelling to teach children about God, training teachers, visiting churches etc – we realied that our current car is not going to be the best long term option for us.

After consultation with our leaders and with their approval we have begun this journey of faith for a new car for the ministry that God has called us to.

We need your help! We realize that this project is a challenge for us from a number of points of view:

  • We need prayer! 

When it comes to purchasing a new car there are so many options. We need to wisdom to know which car God has for us. Our desire is to have a reliable ministry car that we will use for God’s Kingdom for many more years. We need your prayers for wisdom!

Please pray for the finances for this project. It is a step of faith for us, but we believe it is from God that we should move forward in this direction. Pray that God will provide through His people who have a desire to see the ministry in Timis grow and develop.

  • We need finances!

This project is for €10,000 – this will enable us to purchase the car, register it as well as tax and insurance it for the first year. Every donation large or small makes a difference and will help us come closer to our goal.

This car project for us is a tool in the ministry that will enable us to reach our goal. We believe it will be a time of much prayer and much blessing as we see God work.

If you would be part of the challenge but also the blessing, please contact us for more information, or donate by clicking the button on this page.

God bless you!

For His Kingdom,

Ionuț and Mădălina Mateescu

CEF workers in county Timis

This is a CEF Romania approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.