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First 6 months on the road! (county Constanta)


How many kilometers would you estimate that we travelled last year in order to do the children’s ministry in Constanta?

In order to help you with this, I can tell you that we went by car to the GNC’s, JYC’s, 5-Day Clubs, camps, tract distributions, teacher training courses, etc.


Therefore, how many kilometers did we travel?

Last year, we travelled with our car 18 189 kilometers.

How many children do you think we have reached last year? We reached around 1,000 children with the Gospel through the different ministries mentioned above.

We are thankful for the way God took care of the finances needed in order to buy the petrol so that we could go and do everything we had planned to do.

What about for 2019, could you estimate how many km. we would travel?

No? Well we don’t know either, but probably the same as last year. Our prayer is that God will take care of this need in 2019 as well. That is around 1,500 km a month, which costs about €75.

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We made our plans for the months prior to the summer time. It involves GNC’s, 5-Day Clubs, tract distributions, two camps, two conferences and one teacher training course.

We estimate that for all the travelling we would have to do in the first six months our need is €440. Therefore we are kindly asking for your help.

Please pray that God will take care of all our needs.

Please give, if God lays the burden of evangelizing the children of Constanta, upon your heart.

Thank you for all your help!

Theo & Flory Bazaru

Local CEF workers in county Constanta

This is a CEF Romania approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.