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For every child – December 2020


Every child in Romania should hear about the wonderful news of God!

Over the past weeks, we have had wonderful opportunities to distribute Gospel leaflets, tracts and other booklets throughout the country. 85,000 literature packs have been put together and the majority of them have been given out.

With an empty storeroom, we desperately need more leaflets to distribute! We printed 70,000 tracts last month and the majority of them have been distributed already.

Thousands more children could read the Gospel over the next weeks

€1 will ensure that 1 more child receives the GOOD NEWS in the next few weeks.

We plan to provide sets of lessons to each child who attends a Christmas programme or received a Christmas gift this year. Each child will receive a set of 10 lessons and when they complete them all, they will receive a special diploma. The lessons are called “GOD CARES ABOUT YOU”. This is a message that every child in Romania needs to hear!

We have already started to distribute these lessons, so we know they are a great blessing. However, we would love for thousands more children to receive such a set over the next weeks…

Will you join with us this Christmas in telling the children of Romania that God cares – and that at this time of year, we remember just what He did to show His love?


With gratefulness,

CEF Romania

*This is a CEF approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.