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God Never Changes (Sibiu project with Lica & Oli)


God Never Changes

Times are not the same and maybe we are not the same either. How difficult it is to trust something or someone who changes in time. Yet, we all know there is Someone who never changes – God!


Yes - we want every child to know...

Can you remember how you used to pray a year ago? How you used to read the Word? How you gave of your money and your energy, maybe even your possessions, in order to be a blessing for the ones around you? Do you think God has changed? Is His love and care different?

We all need to be reminded this truth, and not just that! We need to embrace it, to believe it with all our heart, strength and mind! God is Unchangeable! He hasn’t changed, His love hasn’t changed. He wants many people to hear the Good News. To know that they should not be afraid, that they can trust Him, especially these days when many lose their hope. Our prayer for you is that the hope and faith you have in God may not diminish but grow with every passing day.

Is there anything left for us to do? Yes, there is! We can go and tell others, especially the children, that God is the same!

God placed on our hearts the burden to go tell the children from the villages around Sibiu about Him, about the fact that He never changes and that He gave everything for them, His beloved Son, Jesus. We have prepared bags with literature and together with volunteers from our church we plan to do distributions in the coming weeks.

Would you like to “come with us”? You can do something, in these latter days. You can help us take the Good News to 1,500 families from the villages around Sibiu. Then pray that they would read the books and that they would put their trust in the Lord so that they would receive hope for their life on earth and also for their eternal life.

In order to take the bags to them we need good health, strength, proper words from God and also financial support.

Our goal is to raise €850 – the amount includes the literature bags and the travelling costs.

“Come with us!” Donate here!

Lica & Oli Babuta

CEF workers in county Sibiu

This is a CEF Romania approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.