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Good News Club camp (Prahova)


God has always blessed ...

Every year, during the summer holidays, we go on camps with the children from the Good News Clubs. Despite the fact that we have our worries, God has always blessed this ministry in a very special way!

Ene - project

CEF camps are great opportunities for the children ...

CEF camps are great opportunities for the children to spend a week in a Christian atmosphere. They pray before the meals, learn about the Bible characters and missionaries, and have quality time with the teachers who can answer their questions about God. They also have a lot of fun activities, play and make new friends.

Every year the children tell us how much they appreciate being able to go on a camp. They encourage us very much. One child said: This week God spoke to me and I understood that I need to change my attitude towards my parents and to be less stubborn.

We would like to offer the children who attend the GNCs every week, the possibility to go on a camp, even though some might not afford the cost. Most children want to go to camp, yet they come from poor families or from families with many children. In many of the cases, the cost for 2-3 children from the same family is that family’s budget for one month.

Some children can pay the full amount, others just half and others cannot pay at all. Yet we would like to be able to take all the children to camp. The amount needed in order to do this is €2,390.

We trust that God will provide for this need, through people like you, who helped with our past projects.

In Him,

Teo & Ramona Ene – CEF local workers – county Prahova

This is a CEF Romania approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.