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How did the radio ministry get its name?


It started in 2014

In June 2014, the radio ministry in Romania started to play 24 hours a day for Romanian speaking children wherever they were – if they had access to the internet. The dream became a reality in June 2014, but much prayer, planning and preparation went into this ministry long before it started.

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We asked the children!

One aspect that was really important to us was to have the correct name for the radio ministry. We needed a name that we could use to let people know that the radio existed. As a team we began to think of names, and then our leader said, “Let’s ask the children!” We sent out a survey to as many children as possible and said, “What would you call CEF of Romania’s online radio for children.”

To be honest we were surprised a little. The almost overwhelming response came back to call it something with “Good News”. The children of Romania reminded us that day what we are all about – sharing the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ – and they thought the radio should reflect just that. And so “radio vestea buna” (Good News Radio) was born!

We could never have imagined how God would use this ministry over the past years. From the information that we have, there are thousands and thousands of listeners “tuning in” from over 100 countries around the world. And stories and testimonies come back often. God’s Word is taught, learnt, proclaimed, and 5 years later we are still sharing the GOOD NEWS of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We continue to rely on the donations of people who share our vision for online radio to pay for the monthly expenses of streaming radio, internet, telephone, prizes, promotional material and more.

This project will give you an opportunity to be part of this wonderful ministry. We are trusting God and making the need known to raise €1,520 until the end of the year. If you would like to be part of what God is doing through RADIO VESTEA BUNA, please click on the link.

Continuing to share the Good News,

The radio ministry team of CEF Romania