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Laptop project 2023 – for Theo


``I can't work like this. I need a new laptop!``

Yep! That’s pretty much what my thoughts say in the middle of a teacher conference when the program is due to start, but the laptop screen says – still loading. The presenter looks at me, everyone in the room then looks at me, I look at them, smile politely with a blush on my face, then look at the laptop again, and the circle indicating still loading is present on the screen ↺.

The same thing happens at camps and even at evangelistic meetings. Not to mention when I have to edit an audio or photo file (what on a normal laptop takes 10 seconds to access, on mine can take a minute). And I haven’t been able to edit any videoes on it for months now. It refuses to do anything else. I’ve formatted it, reinstalled it, but the fact that it is 9 years old is taking it’s toll.

I need a new laptop!

A laptop is such a help in the ministry for:

  • editing photos, videos etc.
  • presenting
  • in evangelism
  • in camps
  • at teachers meetings
  • at conferences
  • at training courses
  • and the list goes on…

Please help us save time, energy and get rid of a stressor on the media side. Help us to be able to purchase a new laptop. Evangelism and other events are coming up where we will need a laptop, and where we won’t need any nasty surprises.

From our calculations, a laptop that can reasonably meet all current requirements (both performance and software – required programs), comes to about €1,000

If you would like to help us, we would be more than grateful if you would press the “DONATE” button.

And if you can’t support us financially, you can do it by praying for us that the Lord will give us the patience (or even extra patience) we need until we change the old one, and that He will work so that we can purchase a new one as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your support.

Love, Theo & Flory