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Ene project laptop

Laptop project – with Teo & Ramona


Even though time passes and things are constantly changing, the message of the Gospel remains the same. It never changes!

Not only does it not change, but it brings forth fruit at the time chosen by God.

The other day at Good News Club we were visited, (actually he was visiting his parents), by the host’s child who now has a family and a child of his own. We were very impressed by his desire (and that of his wife) of late to draw closer to God and to follow Him.  We were thinking together how 20 years ago we used to go to them and meet in different places in the village to tell them about the Lord Jesus. He was a regular attender and even though we hadn’t seen each other in a long time God continued and continues to work in his heart! Praise Him for this! How much things have changed since then!

And in our ministry life things are constantly changing. As you know lately we also want to be a blessing to our colleagues in the Republic of Moldova. We are in close contact with them and visit as often as we can. It is our privilege to get to know this team more and more and lead them as God enables us.

Due to the increased responsibilities that we have and the need to communicate remotely often, we would like to bring before you a ministry need. We would like to purchase a replacement laptop for the various needs that we have in Romania and Republic Moldova. We believe this will enable us to be much more effective in our ministry and a blessing to those we serve.

The amount for this project is €1,200

Please pray that God will provide for this important need. If you are able to help in anyway, we would be very grateful.

Every blessing,

Teo & Ramona Ene