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Babuta - iunie 2023

Summer Camp 2023 – with Lica & Oli


As the summer approached we became increasingly anxious. Will we have summer camp after all?

Everywhere I called was fully booked. We didn’t know what to say to the children and teenagers, who were always asking when we were going and where. We praise the Lord that finally, although at the end of summer, we found a place for camp! With His help, and with the support of His people who also love the children in the villages of Sibiu, we plan to take 40 children and teenagers to camp again this year.

How important are camps in children’s lives? We hear their testimonies whenever we meet them, years and years later. Camps are deeply imprinted in their hearts, and even the smallest details are remembered fondly by them. In the camps they hear, see and experience the reality of life with God. At mealtimes, at games time, at the Bible time, and at every moment of the day, children are under the influence of the Word, which at the right time bears fruit.

This week we made the lists of children wanting to attend and the budget for the camp. We will have costs for accommodation, utilities, food, transportation, and other supplies.

Most of the kids we will be going with need our help to cover the cost of camp!

We invite you to join us so that, TOGETHER, we can make this summer a very special and memorable one for each of them!

Thank you for joining us in this ministry!

Lică and Olimpia Băbuță