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Dulcianu - May 2023

Summer Camp 2023 – with Liviu & Anca


Where or when did you go for the first time to camp?

Do you have special memories from that camp?

In a village close to Iasi County, a child said to us one day: When will we go to camp? I would so much like to go, as I have never been to camp!

Well, we imagined this was a single case, but after asking around, most children from that GNC told us they have never been to camp, except for one of them who went camping once, somewhere near where he lives.

We could not believe that these children have never been to a camp!

Over the years, thousands of children have been to CEF camps. In these camps the children learn from the Word of God and can see it emulated by the leaders. Very often children tell us that they learn things during camp that they would not have learned anywhere else. And as they grow into mature adults, they still remember the time they spent in the camp, when they were children.

The children from this village we wrote to you about have never had this joy of going to camp and we would so much like to do something to change this situation.

This summer we plan to take these children to their first camp!

Where – at Vatra Doreni.

Some families have more children and we told them to pay only part of the cost, so that all their children could go to camp.

For some children it will be:

  • The first time when they travel outside the Iasi County.
  • The first time to travel by train.
  • The first time to spend one week away from home.
  • The first time in the mountains.

Would you like to help these children go for the first time to a camp in the mountains?

Pray with us, and if you can give towards this project that we estimate at €2,000

Thank you so much,

Liviu & Anca Dulcianu
CEF worker in county Iasi