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Summer Ministries 2023 – with Beni & Cristina


Amazed by God!

We gladly remember a beautiful experience that God made happen last year during the summer ministry. Through faith we called one of our camps Amazed by God. We were trusting God to work in a special way, both in your hearts and in the hearts of the children. We praise His Name for working mightily, more than we could have ever believed. During this camp, 10 children put their trust in the Lord. It is hard to express in words the joy these children had.

One of them, approached one of the teachers and said in his own words: I would like to take Jesus in my heart, so here I am! This boy did not grow up in a Christian family and did not have the right words to express himself, but He let us know that he wanted to accept Jesus as his personal Savior, and this he did with honesty.

A few months after the camp, the mother of a child who put his trust in the Lord during camp, told one of the sisters in our church: When A. Came home from camp, he told us he had received Jesus as his personal Savior, we all started crying with him. We were all there, my husband, the grandparents and me. My son is reading the Bible every day since he came back from camp. This family are not believers, yet they rejoice for their son who had the opportunity to hear about the Lord Jesus and made the wisest decision of his life.

Such experiences give us great energy to prepare for the summer ministry. We plan and pray that God will arrange and take care of all the details. We pray for volunteers to minister in prayer for us and for the children, we pray for volunteers to come with us and help in the camp and pray for finances needed for the events that will take place this summer.

The summer ministry comprises:

  • Three weeks of 5-Day Clubs, in different parts of our county;
  • Two weeks of Holiday Bible Clubs;
  • Three weeks of residential camps of 5 days (camp for children, camp for teenagers, and a camp for children and teenagers from the south of Romania (Oltenia).) Some of the children need help with paying the camp cost, some can pay it partially and others can’t afford to pay anything, yet we would like to help all of them to go to camp.

Would you want to be the person God uses to take care of His work? Give so that many children can hear the Good News, our Heavenly Father will reward your efforts!

The budget for this project is €6,000. A big amount for us, but we believe our God is an amazing God and will work beyond what we alone are able to do.

Amazed by God,

Beni and Cristina Costea, CEF workers in Hunedoara