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The right choice – Ionut & Madalina (county Timis)


2 lives, 2 options, 2 roads, 2 destinations

I. and M. are two teenagers who a few years ago came to the JYCs we held in a town close to Lugoj.

Recently we met them again. I.’s face was shining: Ionut, I have good news to tell you! I decided to get baptized! God spoke to me a couple of times and showed me that the purpose of my life should be from now on, to honour Him every day. Pray for me, all my friends and my family are against me.

M. on the other hand, was very sad. She said: this is the third time I am running away. The man I live with beat me again and kicked me out of the house, together with these children of ours. He doesn’t care they are his children too. He now brought another woman in the house – I will go to stay with my mother, again. I made so many bad decisions in my life, they are a great burden on me…

I and M. grew up hearing about the Lord, first in the preschool clubs, later in the GNCs and finally in the JYCs. They both heard about the life that God can give through faith in the Lord Jesus. They were taught about wise decisions, about consequences, about forgiveness, about God’s character which never changes, about the life and work of Jesus Christ. They were encouraged to choose Him, no matter what. We saw what they chose and what their life was like after a few years.

We continue to tell the children about wise decisions ...

We continue to tell the children about wise decisions, about the path God wants each one of them to walk on. Many will chose to honour God, just like I. did. Many will chose like M. did – they would not accept God’s grace, love and justice.

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This month and probably next month too, we will meet with the children both face to face and online. We want to use any opportunity we have to help them make good decisions in the year 2021. Those like I. would need to be helped to grow spiritually, those like M. would need to be told about God being the same, He doesn’t forget them and waits for them to come to Him in order to change their lives.

In order to cover the needs for the ministry (for January and February) we estimate that  840 is needed.

I. and M. made many decisions and will continue to. Children are faced every day with decisions, some more difficult than others, and they will have to live with the consequences. Pray for each one of them to make good decisions.

If you chose to pray, we are grateful and if you also chose to give, we will reach our goal for January and February sooner.

For His Kingdom,

Ionut and Madalina Mateescu

CEF local workers in Timis county

*This is a CEF approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.