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There is just something missing! – Good News Club online with Claudia


There is just something missing!

On 17 October we started our weekly online Good News Club program with children on Saturday morning. The children are delighted with the activities, Bible lesson, songs, quizzes, crafts and more! It is especially exciting for them to see the time machine and the various objects that it brings to the programme (click here to see the time machine in action).

Good News Club online

The Good News Club online team are involved in putting the program together, recording songs, activities, Bible lesson, adding visuals and of course making the time machine work.

There are many, many different parts that are needed, for this all to run smoothly.

It got me thinking about something …

For one of the activities we taught the children to make bread by searching their Bible for clues. The children were told the quantities of the ingredients, but to know the actual ingredient, they needed to look up the verse where that food item is mentioned in the Bible.

The children were told that if they were going to make bread, they were need all of the ingredients.


For us to produce Good News Club online, we need all the “ingredients” too. We have a great team of people, we have our CEF Bible lessons and materials, but for part of the job that I do for these programmes, I am missing a vital ingredient.

I am missing the software programs and the necessary equipment to do my job well.

New video editing software and some investment in my computer, would provide the missing ingredient to my ministry in Good News Club online.

Any gift that you could give towards this project, would be greatly appreciated by me but also the hundreds of children who through these programs are hearing about the Saviour!

Thank you!

Claudia Mitu

*This is a CEF approved project. Gifts can be given via our site, directly to the local worker or through other CEF National Offices. Contact us for more details.