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You have been my Church… (Liviu & Anca in Iasi)


``You have been my Church...``

This is what P. wrote to us. She used to be a volunteer at our children meetings. Six years ago, we went to the place where she lived and there we had both a GNC and JYC Club. She was that young person who liked to come to both meetings. These past few years she helped us with the GNC we had in her village. Then she went away to university and recently wrote to us that she managed to find a Church and that she got baptised and said these words, which encouraged us so much – I miss you a lot, especially when I am in Church. I am thankful for you; you were my church all those years!

I wonder for how many children were we The Church?

As I am writing, I wonder for how many children were we The Church? How many children can only hear about God at the GNCs?

(Please do not understand me wrong, we do not want to replace the Church meetings, in fact we encourage all the children to be / become part of a local Church)

Yet we know for sure that for many children, the GNCs are the only place where they can learn about God. We would very much like to continue to go to these children, but we need your help. We estimate that for the work to continue during the next few weeks, we would need €938, that includes fuel, materials (both for direct work and online work), prices etc.

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts for this project.


For His glory!

Liviu and Anca Dulcianu

CEF workers – county Iasi

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