Transformed lives

January  2017

Ema is 25 years of age and from Oradea. Recently she told us about the impact that the Bible Corresespondence Course had in her getting to know God.

This is what Ema said,

When I was a child I received letters in the post from you. I come from a family of unbelievers and the Bible lessons answered many of the questions that I had and they helped me to find God. My life had many ups and downs, but I realised that what I learnt as a child through the Bible Correspondence Course stayed with me. I too began to teach other children to know God and for a few years I was a Sunday School teacher. Currently I am serving in Hope Baptist Church in Oradea and am the leader of a small girls group.

Thank you so much for all that you do for children through the lessons sent out! May God bless this project. It really made a difference in my life!

With appreciation,


Praise God for the way that He works through His Word in the lives of children. We are thankful to Him that He allows us to be a part of this.

everychild team

August 2016Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 20.34.51

A teenager from Iasi got home from camp and wrote to one of the CEF workers,

“Anca, God works in such a wonderful way! The whole family is in tears because “I” wants to get baptised. And “M” too. We cannot express our joy. God is wonderful! “C” has learnt to play the songs on the piano and has them on her phone. She wants to come to church. She said she has had it with the boys … camp had an incredible impact on their lives. Praise the Lord! We trust that you will be able to come to the baptism. I haven’t yet spoken to “B”. She was very challenged and cried on the way home. Probably she is challenged too and is thinking about being baptised. We are so thankful to God for all that you have done. I have to say that God worked in a great way in my life too. I needed change some things in my life and I wasn’t able to – but this camp was an answer to my prayers. Now I feel full of life – on fire for God.”


May 2016

I grew up in a family who did not teach me the way of Salvation. When I was 10 years of age, a CEF worker came to my school. Each of us received a Gospel leaflet. I wanted to know more and enrolled on the Bible Correspondence Course. Through the lessons received, I  began to learn more and more about God, His love for me and what He had done so that I could be saved from my sin. I asked for forgiveness for my sins and put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. My heart’s desire was that one day I would be the CEF worker who gave out Gospel booklets and took the Gospel to children who had never heard. God answered this prayer and now I am serving Him full time. I know from experience the power of the written Word of God. It changed my life and I know it can change the lives of many children from Romania.

April 2016Camp CEF of romania

I grew up in a Christian family and so as a child I attended church. The Lord blessed me with wonderful parents, but even so, I did not seek after God and instead I wanted my friends to like me.

I went to Sunday School each Sunday but I didn’t like it, in fact I was really bored. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that we received tea and biscuits.

When I was 10 (in 2001), a Good News Club opened in my area (at that time I had never heard of Good News Club). I attended out of curiosity (I wasn’t forced by my parents to attend), and I really liked it. It was interesting as there were not just church children there, but I was able to attend with my friends from the neighbourhood. I even started to invite my friends and we would go together. I remember those days fondly and I really looked forward to each meeting. There were about 20 of us and it was really nice.

God worked in my life and after I finished high school, I attended Bible College and began to serve the Lord. I completed my studies in 2014 and began to minister as a pastor. Currently, by the grace of God, I am serving in 3 local churches. Even though I am now a pastor, I never forgot the importance of working with children.

Children AMEC reading literatura (5)She started attending Good News Club when she was 7. Life was not easy but Good News Club gave her something to look forward to every week. At 18 years of age, she would look back on those years as a time when she first heard about God!

Praise God that this little girl, now an adult has put her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to please Him every day.

God knows how to take care of the seed planted in young lives and at the time chosen by Him, will bring forth fruit. Praise His Name!