DB - 19 iulie 2019 - 1


Good News across Romania – Dambovita 2019, has come to an end! Praise God for a week of answered prayers, encouraging messages and opportunities to take the Gospel to hundreds of children as well as parents and grandparents. God enabled us to hold evangelistic clubs in 51 locations, enabling 1,464 children to hear the Gospel. During the week 18,000 pieces of Gospel literature were distributed.

God prepared the hearts of children to hear His Word. In one location when the children were asked, “What would you like more than anything?” One little boy said, “Eternal Life”. What a joy to be able to tell him of the only One who can give him eternal life.

In another location, the local church had closed and a lady of 85 years of age was the only known believer in the village. After a week of over 30 children attending each day, the pastor of a nearby church said, “I believe God wants us to start the church ministry again in this village after 5 years of no ministry in the area.”

Local believers are determined to continue to take the Gospel to children on a regular basis and the seed of God’s Word has been planted in 51 locations and we look expectantly at what God is going to do.

One of our faithful prayer partners said at the end of the project, “I am sure you are thrilled!” Yes, we are. Thrilled at all that God has done and we give Him all the glory for another amazing GNAR project reminding us that He is still at work in our country today!

CEF of Romania