Gift Aid

This section on Gift Aid is for those who are living in the United Kingdom and are UK tax payers.

Those who send occasional gifts to CEF by post or those who commit themselves to the regular monthly support of a worker or ministry are encouraged to consider using the Gift Aid scheme. This enables CEF to reclaim tax on the gift given, thus considerably increasing the value of the gift at no extra cost to the giver.

Please click click here to DOWNLOAD a gift aid declaration form. Read it carefully and if you fulfill the requirements then please complete the form and return it to us along with your gift and we will take care of the rest. (You can also select the gift aid option if you give online)

You must have or will pay income tax or capital gains tax, equal to the amount of all Gift Aid claimed on your donations to charities and CASC’s in the current tax year (6 April-5 April).

If you would like to give a donation to CEF of Romania in British pounds, then please consider giving through CEF of Ireland (in order to benefit from the Gift Aid scheme). Details can be found here, or contact us for more information.