The house with the new curtains

The story is told of a home that had become very dirty and run down. The owners were about to get divorced and the house was to be sold. No one had any time or interest in investing in the house. And it wasn’t hard to tell by looking at it – it was disgusting!

Eventually the house was sold and given to new owners. It will take time for this house to be returned to what it should be, but immediately changes could be seen – the grass was cut, all the windows were cleaned and new curtains were put up. Oh, yes, there was still so much more to do, but you could see straight away that there is someone living in the house. It is changing. The beginning of a gradual but complete transformation was taking place!

What a wonderful experience that we have to be part of taking the Gospel to boys and girls and seeing the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. As children trust the Saviour, there is evidence of conversion because it comes from the Spirit who is dwelling within them.

It is a joy to see these changes take place, (however gradual it may be) and a wonderful hope to know that complete transformation will take place too.

Thank you for investing in children’s ministry in Romania and for trusting the Holy Spirit to change lives as only He can do!