What others say

“We cannot go … but we can support this ministry and today we commit to do that.”

God asks each one of us to play our part in the great commission. In CEF, we are searching for believers with a heart for child evangelism; men and women who are ready to pray and to give so that children hear the Gospel. We praise God that such people exist and from time to time we see God at work in a miraculous way. A number of years ago, while visiting a relatively poor (materially speaking) church, with few members, I had told of how children were hearing the Gospel and putting their trust in the Saviour. At the end the Pastor stood up and said, “We cannot go with the Gospel to so many children, but we can support this ministry and today we commit to do that.” They started to pray and give monthly for children to hear the Gospel.

Almost 15 years have passed since that day, but they have kept their promise and have opportunity to rejoice in seeing God work as a result of their faithfulness.

Church in Ireland


We always believed that everything we have comes from God and nothing comes as a result of our own merit. And because He is good to us and pours out His blessings upon us, we feel responsible to do our part. We could say it is a debt that we have towards Him, but a nice one! And when this is our foundation, it is much easier for our giving to be a way of life.

Why CEF?

We love children and believe with all our hearts that they can know God from a young age. We appreciate those who have stepped out in faith and dedicated their lives to this ministry.

We feel that we are partners in the ministry of CEF and we want to support the projects. They are well prepared and organised and always have the same goal: that many children would hear about the Lord Jesus and about the Good News!

Even though God has unlimited resources, we are convinced that He wants each one of us to sacrificially give for His ministry. If we say, “NO”, then He is able to find someone else to take our place.

We have chosen to support CEF and the vision that they have. It is a vision that looks to the future, and invests so that generations to come may hear the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Cristian & Mihaela Albu