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Dulcianu project

for every child 2023 – with Liviu & Anca


``Where is the newborn King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and have come to worship him.``

At the beginning of an Important Road is an Intense Desire.

For the Magi it was clear – their greatest desire was to reach the soon-to-be-born King, and that was where the road they were on led them.

But what a good question! The Magi did not ask Who is the King, because they already knew the answer to that question. Their question is: Where is the King? They want to find Him and are already prepared to worship Him. There is no greater desire in their hearts than to find the King! And there is no road more important to them than the road to the King.

As we look forward to the Christmas celebrations, we pray for the children of Iasi County – that they too may have a sincere desire to find the King.

We want to remind the children of Iasi County about the King who came as He promised. And we will do this especially in the Good News Groups and, with God’s help, in some schools in Iasi County.

“We want to hear the story about the birth of Jesus, not about Santa Claus,” said a child at last year’s Christmas party.

We pray that all who hear the Christmas message will understand that the One born in the manger of Bethlehem is the King of kings, who expects obedience and worship from all people.

For the trips we have to make this month and for gifts, we estimate that we will need about €2,600

Would you like to help children in Iasi find the King?

Thank you so much,

Liviu & Anca Dulcianu