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Good News Radio – content for now, blessing for years


Is it possible to provide content now, that will be a blessing for future generations?

Yes! And knowing how important it is to invest in online programmes for children, we need to be sure our equipment is able to work efficiently!

When do you decide that an electrical or electronic appliance needs to be replaced? Usually when it shows signs of fatigue, wear and tear, you receive various notifications, or of course when it stops working.

In the case of your computer, it’s wise to change it early, when it’s a certain age, when you see it freezing up while you’re working, and when you’re dreading the day when it shuts down completely and you lose important information on it.

Here at Good News Radio we edit material that lasts for many years, and many children are blessed by God through hearing our broadcasts.

One of the computers we edit is at this stage and we would like to change it as soon as possible. The sheer size of the recordings, the recorded material and then the final product, none of which should be lost, as well as the slow speed of the approximately 10 year old computer, have led us to make this decision.

We need your help to buy a new computer and monitor to use so that many more broadcasts can be edited, get into the radio programming scheduler, and many more children and parents can benefit from what they will hear.

We believe God will use you in the ministry of Good News Radio in this way, too.

Thank you for partnering with us at Good News Radio.
Radio Team