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I know God cares – car project – George & Tatiana


I know God cares – car project – George & Tatiana

During the month of March we had our annual conference online. The theme of the conference was “God cares”. It was great for us as a team to think about all the ways that we know that God takes care of us – God’s Word reminds us of this truth, our experience in our Christian lives reminds us, God answering prayers is yet another proof and the list goes on.

During the conference some children were asked,

“How do you know God cares for you?” Alex shared that he knew that God cared for him because even though his parents had a car accident, and the car was hit badly, his parents came home again safely.

You can hear Alex (and other children share their testimony by clicking on the video link).

As adults, we are extremely thankful that God showed His care in that the children were not in the car at the time as they would have been sitting where the car was most badly hit.

We don’t know why this car accident happened, but we know that God cares and that He will bring good out of this terrible situation. We have already received some donations for the project and believe that with an additional €3,000 we will be able to replace the ministry car for the Dambovita area.

Please continue to pray for the ministry in this area. Pray that children will continue to hear the Gospel message as George and Tatiana are committed to sharing His Word and pray that very soon we will have the finances needed to replace the car.

Can you pray for this important project and also consider giving a gift for it’s completion.

Thank you so much.

CEF Romania