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Invest in CHILDREN and their ETERNITY with George & Tatiana


``Here I met God!``

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What do we do?

During the school year we have the opportunity to run weekly programmes with the children in GOOD NEWS CLUBS.

Who takes part?

The Good News Clubs are attended by children aged 7-14 from a number of localities.

What does the programme contain?

Children socialise and play with other children, and participate in a Christian programme where they hear a Bible story, memorise a Bible verse, listen to and sing Christian music and do crafts.


These programmes are usually held in an area where several children live and can easily come to a familiar place near their home with their parents’ consent. In the winter we organise such programmes in churches or sports halls, and in the summer we also meet the children outdoors in a playground or in the yard of a family who offers to host us.


What do the children say?

A little girl who broke her leg told us: “I can miss school, but not the Good News Club!” She came to a meeting with the help of her sisters.
“This is where I met God!”
“I was impressed by these people who came to us from such a distance even when it was cold outside.”
“I came for the Bible story. And rather than sit on the phone, I’d rather come here to play with my friends.”


The meeting takes place every week at a specific time known to all children. We currently work with 10 such children’s groups, where we meet about 250 children a week.


In order to go regularly to these 10 groups, we need finances to cover the cost of the sweets/fruit we offer at the end of the children’s programme, handicraft materials and fuel.

For us, the greatest blessing is that over the years we have seen children transformed by the power and Word of God!

INVEST WITH US for the eternal good of children!

George & Tatiana
CEF workers in Romania

fam. Anca project - 1

What do the children say?
“I like Christian songs because they are happy and lively.”
“In this group I find the answers to life’s most important problems.”
“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher in the Good News Club.”