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Pay it forward (with Claudia)


Be thankful for the generosity that has been shown to you, and pay it forward!

This is the motto of my ministry. And because I have been given much, I feel compelled to pass it on to others.

Illustration and design, graphic editing, audio editing, video editing, print materials, digital materials, training or promotional materials, for children or adults… Day after day, month after month, for 25 years.

Sounds like 7 in 1, doesn’t it? Yes, and I am very grateful to God for the generosity with which He has poured wisdom and inspiration into me; for the generosity with which He has surrounded me with people of faith and clear vision: we all want tomorrow’s generation to know God in all His beauty and generosity.

But for every job I do, I need the software to help me to this – whether designing materials, preparing digital resources or writing music scripts. Over the years God has shown me His care through generous people who have not only made my work possible, but made quality work possible.

It is right and good that we give our best to God. Children deserve quality materials that tell them about God. That’s why, at the start of a new year, as I prepare for license payments for the programs I use, I want to invite you to again show your generosity to this beautiful work God is doing among children and teens. I invite you to help me to gratefully carry forward all that God has entrusted to me this year as well.

Paying it forward, together with you.